Board Members & Duties


Board of Directors determined by the powers, duties, and responsibilities delegated to it or conferred on it by an authority outside itself.

These matters are typically detailed in the organization's By-Laws. The By-Laws commonly also specify the number of members of the

Board, how they are to be chosen, and when they are to meet. However, these By-Laws rarely address a Board's powers when faced with a

corporate turnaround or restructuring, where Board members need to act as agents of change in addition to their traditional fiduciary

In an organization with voting members, the Board acts on behalf of, and is subordinate to, the organization's full group. In a non-stock

corporation with no general voting membership, the Board is the supreme governing body of the institution. Its members are sometimes
chosen by the Board itself.

Typical duties of Boards of Directors include:
"    governing the organization by establishing broad policies and objectives;
"    selecting, appointing, supporting and reviewing the performance of the Ladies Who Rock Calendar Chapters;
"    ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources;
"    approving annual budgets;
"    accounting of the Organization performance;

The legal responsibilities of Boards and Board members vary with the nature of the organization, and with the jurisdiction within which it operates.

Diane Kennedy is the CEO of Ladies Who Rock Calendar. 

All decisions will be made by a vote of the board. The CEO will not have a vote in any decisions unless the decisions made could be harmful to the organization


Board Members & Duties:

This Board will be the hub of the whole Ladies Who Rock Calendar organization.
Right now each member will work with the groups we have now: Seattle  Longview/Portland  & Spokane, Tri County. Please keep in contact with the other Board members.

Lead Team Leader.
Duties: Put together ideas and promotions to recruit new calendar girls
Lead Team Leader: You will interview and find team leaders for each chapter we have.

Duties:  When there is a problem within the calendar groups, the Sargeant-at-Arms will find a solution for the problem and present it to the Board to vote on.

Duties: Keep track of all monies collected and where it was spent or donated. You will add your report to Ladies Who Rock Calendar Board members' thread.

Duties: Create all graphics used in Ladies Who Rock Calendar

Shows & Events
Duties: Set up and oversee all shows & events.  All ideas and thoughts about events needs to be talked over with Shows & Events Board member

Legal Liaison
Duties: Overlook all paperwork to make sure it is worded correctly. Talk over legal problems, and either send it to the lawyer we have on board or make a suggestion for the Board to vote on.

Duties: Helping put together shows and oversee them.  Put together marketing ideas; . Prepare and oversee all news releases,

Marketing/Media/Promotions Editor
Deanna Charlene Thomas-Blair
All publications and media to be sent out must go thru the editor.

Photographer -
Duties: Oversee the photographers chosen to take pictures of each group.